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New Suite smell of success; mail app grief
So, six months and a bit have elapsed, and the predatory marketers who helm Mudbrick Technologies have yet to pester me to make them monthly payments for the use of their “Fanciful Fog” array of graphic apps, so right there we can knock, so far, three hundred bucks off the purchase price of Big Cheese, which has performed thus far without major hiccough. It’s a shame in a way that my technical chops are gradually descending into a state of inanition for want of grist.

A couple of years ago I purchased the spousette a domain/hosting arrangement that includes, of course, an email element, which she has used solely for professional purposes. She accesses this from a rather long-in-the-tooth iMac downstairs, which is on the point of retirement, and wanted to transfer the account, via the Mac mail app, to her MacBook Air. The damn thing won’t cooperate. I have spent the morning with the two screens in front of me, duplicating the settings and specifications of the older unit to the newer, and the portable machine refuses to recognize the account/password info that serves perfectly well on the antique. I removed the account and re-entered it. I stripped the password out of the Keychain. I cursed loudly. Nicht, nada. Fortunately, the service provider offers a web access option in lieu of an email client, so L will be able to go this route when we are out of town next month.

Apparently we are not the only users who have encountered this problem. Apple’s support pages are—quelle surprise!—unhelpful. I can’t help feeling that the entire Mac operation has been staffed by second-stringers for most of the past decade. I’m still a loyalist, but I’m glad I no longer rely on the platform for my livelihood.

New Looking for something to keep you occupied?
I know someone who's looking for artwork to accompany some Edward Gorey-ish children's stories. Interested?

New It is kind of you to think of me...
but while I greatly admire Gorey, his work is very far from my particular métier. The work I have done since 1987 has largely involved the repurposing of original materials rather than the creation of same. I could wish it had been otherwise, but hey: it was a living.

New I wouldn't want to ape his visual style
It was just a reference to the feel of the stories. You've posted enough of your stuff that I have a sense of your style. I think it would be an original take on a children's-ish book.

New pop it over
"Science is the belief in the ignorance of the experts" – Richard Feynman
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