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This thing was no accident. One of the research papers linked to from that SE post shows Coolpad is the source of the backdoor and that they were still actively developing it in 2014.


This one adds that you can uninstall CoolReaper with root privileges, so root and a vanilla ROM image should prevent it from returning via an OTA update.
New thanks, will patch my old nokia
"Science is the belief in the ignorance of the experts" – Richard Feynman
     I have a virus called android - (boxley) - (9)
         Dunno what kind of sites you're going to, but I have a guess. -NT - (drook) - (1)
             drudge news.yahoo.com news.google.com and downstream links usually known news sites - (boxley)
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             different coolpad model, thanks for the offer. I may just tape up the case on my $MS and switch back -NT - (boxley) - (2)
                 Most likely still there - (scoenye) - (1)
                     thanks, will patch my old nokia -NT - (boxley)
         A four year old android phone - (pwhysall) - (2)
             It's a new phone 2017 model -NT - (boxley) - (1)
                 In which case - (pwhysall)

Certainly, as long as they don't require any treatment.
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