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New Those, plus...
IMHO, the crosswalk issue is a red herring. In this case, it was a human, but there are plenty of other things out there that can enter the roadway without caring much where, or what the speed limit is. Some are sizable enough that a prang would not end well for the occupants of the car either.

Based on the images in Drew's post, there is nothing in the shoulder areas that would have hidden the woman from the car's sensors. I'd say Uber has a while to go before letting their junk loose on the public again.
New Agreed, but ...
Most of the comments I'm seeing online say that the typical human driver would have killed her just as dead. But also that the sensors we've been told self-driving cars are using should have easily seen her.

So in this specific scenario, the car was no worse than a human driver, but still so far from what we demand and expect from automation that we want them all grounded for the foreseeable future.

New Indeed
Being no less lethal than a human pretty much defeats the entire purpose.

(Interestingly, it also seems no better than a human in sticking to the speed limit...)
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