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New Mobo upgrade time!
So after five and a bit years of rock-solid reliable service from the ASUS PZ77V-LK board and its resident i5 3470, I decided it was time to get up to speed (ha!).

I was all set to stay with Intel, tbh (been mulling this for a year or so) but then AMD went "oh hay guyz, we've made a cpu that isn't shit and has loads of cores and is not too many $, and even its name isn't dumb as shit this time".

At the same price point (~£150ish for the CPU, which precludes anything newer than Skylake right now) single-core performance is a wash, but multi-core performance is a significant advantage for the AMD part.


And having built an i5 system for a friend last year, I was definitely in "fuck that shit" mode because Intel's stock cooling system sucks balls, from the mount to the fan to the noise.

I picked up a Ryzen 5 1600, an Asus Prime B350-PLUS board, and 16GB of DDR4 (DDR3 isn't physically compatible, which was annoying because RAM prices are fuckmedead right now).

I prefer the AM4 socket to the LGA1151(? cba looking it up) socket. Simpler, smaller, no array of a thousand tiny upward-facing pins to fuck up. No, installing the Ryzen 5 is like installing an old 486. Pins go in holes in a ZIF socket with a lever, like god intended. Also the supplied Wraith Spire cooler is a doddle to fit, with nice philips screws that have a positive click when they're fully engaged, rather than Intel's shitty plastic solution.

Installation was drama-free; it's an ATX board replacement. Standoffs all in place already, internal cabling mostly where it needed to be also.

The fan is much, much quieter than Intel's cheap-ass (only not cheap, because Intel) effort, both at idle and under load.

Didn't really get the opportunity to give the CPU a workout - the only thing I did was draw a floorplan in Visio 2016 :)

Nice to see AMD back in the CPU game and not just as the bargain-basement option. Choice and competition are good things.
New Excellent report.
I've been looking at an Ryzen 7 build to replace an Athlon64x2 machine at work. It really is astounding how good AMD's chips are these days.

I'm glad that you had similar thoughts and that it is looking good for you so far.

Good luck!

New Yup, if threads are your thing, Ryzen is the sane choice right now.
New Glad to see AMD step up!

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New Side note - AMD CPUs aren't vulnerable to Meltdown
Like everything else, though, they're vulnerable to Spectre.
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         Side note - AMD CPUs aren't vulnerable to Meltdown - (pwhysall)

It would have been much more tolerable if they used wires and an action figure.
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