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New Hyundai Elantra-Eco matters..
(See TTAC/“The Truth about Cars” site, if interested in why this seemed.. to be a competitor/$$.)

Finally drove the sucker, expecting a modest but noticeable improvement in ..Vrooom!-when-needed.
I was wrong. It was an Impressive boost (compared with the Std Elantras==also ~OK to my stds. as were noise-levels, handling, construction quality etc.)
Could be happy with the -Eco variant, was my final opinion.

Circumstances changed however, permitting me to reconsider the various reasons [or Any reasons…] for buying a New-anything
..amidst the guaranteed Uncertainty/impossibility
of anything resembling planning (while living *Here* just now and imagineering any futchahs at all.)
Thus: no Deal. Got the Check! Should the fine Acura Plutocrat lose its (long-overdue for replacement..) Kevlar timing belt anon, whatever wheels next:
shall assuredly be Used, maintainable sans oscilloscopes etc.
FoMoCo actually treated the Fiesta Fiasco buy-back exceeding-Fair: Entire first-cost-Total sans only a modest few C-notes (under 400) for its low mileage and its “use” for 6.5 Years! Everything save only orig. license fee (tax on it-all was included.) Dealership Rep was cordial, helpful (found 0- chargeable minor things Rong) etc. I can rank Ford as comparable to the fine folks at Canon—re my real-film L-1A camera: free restoration—within that tiny list of non-Traditional-Corporations there are. Also too.)

Cash for a newly-minted Emigree..! whenever the final Balloon-^Goes-Up^ :-)
(Thanks, Cthulhu..)
New Thanks for the report. Glad FoMoCo came through!
Expand Edited by Another Scott March 1, 2018, 12:36:25 AM EST
New Evidence that the Cosmos works in mysterious ways.
Having mentioned that I had resisted the siren call of New.. techno gadgetry in the auto lane.. here,
Today encountered a report re airbag problems with a couple Hyundai models ... which led me to:
Consumer Affairs.

Reads like the very old radio soap opera Queen for a Day, heard as a tyke wherein, women vied for (being..) the world's worst-luck 'Winner' of a bunch of stuff.
Taking into account the relatively shallow *"automotive ken" of the otherwise affable salesman, then looking at this litany
[who knoze how stat.-significant? are these mere 1468 horror stories] caused endorphins] aka

Lucky, Lucky to just maybe have escaped becoming #1469; all I know fershure is that, had I one of these things parked in my driveway and then discovered this agony-circle ... well, you know
(Yup, it IS the Universe of Uncertainty, innit? :-) as in {Whew!}

* I took the time to wander about the place, thence to ask a minion where the wrenches are, a couple simple Qs re the engine, its turbo and: any field reports. (I also wondered how ept such maintainers were apt to be.. should they encounter such er IT-type problems with all the automated display/other systems..) Above screeds now tend to answer that wondering :-/

(Jeez too, there seem to be abundant examples re VWs! (even aside from the world-demonstration of their cupidity with the diesel fake-tests))
Caveat Emptor today--as never before, is my takeaway.. it goes way beyond a simple case of PEBKAC (when a run of engines comes with gratis metal filings all over the insides)
and a company as huge as Ford.. bad-designs a transmission. Over years of production, yet.
     Hyundai Elantra-Eco matters.. - (Ashton) - (2)
         Thanks for the report. Glad FoMoCo came through! -NT - (Another Scott)
         Evidence that the Cosmos works in mysterious ways. - (Ashton)

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