That is: no longer must the clear-eyed and thoughtful ..occasionally contemplate the most copacetic means of seppuku (separation from one’s nearby zeitgeist of suckiest Kind?)
Mindless techno created by/for/against (?) most living creatures on a planet-in-jeopardy from the majority-Clueless
is, we see, soon to be ‘guided’ —> in that direction by the Most Crass Class™ of “innovators” ever conceived, a Class driven towards more-More-Most via the most primitive instincts of the heretofore Greediest-God, Moloch. Only now and next via: the AI-abetted algorithms as daily-perfected via these same aforesaid.
And Patented! yet: as. if. this Direction —> were, indeed some utterly Worthy new balm for the jaded, the acquisitive, the ethics-free bastions of boundless-Consumption. In lieu of any real Life (or striving towards such.)

I so glad I won’t be around to see “fruition” of the inane-dream-fluff of such Bastards. I can imagine it quite well-enough thankyouverymuch:
just peer closely at the visage of a Mnuchin (or any of his many clones.) What do You see there?

Film School Shorts has ya covered:


In Zelos a mother who strives to "have it all" orders a clone to keep her home life in order and outshine her flawless colleague, but soon realizes she purchased an unbeatable rival. Directed by Thoranna Sigurdardottir.

I think.. it’s usually a Good thing to denote a coming Homo-Sap Clusterfuck, than to walk into it all unawares.
However, seen from within The Daze of Drumpf/the genocide-of-Language and like that: Jeez, I dunno.. y’know?

And, oh yes, here’s a quip from ‘Class’ {{chortle}}

Fussell argued that Xers rightly did not give a damn about class distinction, and this is still true but in a different sense. Just as Uppers believe they culturally superior to the upper middles, who are sure of their ascendancy over the middle-class etc., Xers are convinced they are more enlightened than everybody else.

ie. Village of the Damned; no matter how you re-define ‘self’; the bloody planet heads towards Broil, led by the mouth-breathers wherever in ascendance. Sic Transit, Gloria