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New Class Act
Facebook may be developing a system to automatically detect how rich or poor you are: Patent reveals how the site could track your socioeconomic status.

The social media giant wants to build a system that collects users' personal data, such as education, homeownership and internet usage, in order to predict their socioeconomic status.


The Patent:


That's in addition to this other patent:

Patents Show New Ways For Detecting And Responding To Users’ Feelings


"...The user often faces this camera without thinking about it, while using the phone or laptop normally, and Facebook hopes to start leveraging this imaging data."


What if this Facebook data were combined with LinkedIn?

"... Imagine this: instead of simply moving Active Directory to the cloud, Microsoft is potentially making LinkedIn the central repository of identity for all business-based interactions: chat, email, and more, and it’s an identity that endures for an end user’s professional life, because it’s managed by the user, not by their transient employer."

more at: https://stratechery.com/2016/microsoft-and-apple-double-down/

And a blast from the past:


So I have to ask, what's in your wallet?
New definitely a prole, wednesday is purple shirt day
"Science is the belief in the ignorance of the experts" – Richard Feynman
New Quite a tour de force.. maybe the penultimate indicator of the Murican Futchah?
That is: no longer must the clear-eyed and thoughtful ..occasionally contemplate the most copacetic means of seppuku (separation from one’s nearby zeitgeist of suckiest Kind?)
Mindless techno created by/for/against (?) most living creatures on a planet-in-jeopardy from the majority-Clueless
is, we see, soon to be ‘guided’ —> in that direction by the Most Crass Class™ of “innovators” ever conceived, a Class driven towards more-More-Most via the most primitive instincts of the heretofore Greediest-God, Moloch. Only now and next via: the AI-abetted algorithms as daily-perfected via these same aforesaid.
And Patented! yet: as. if. this Direction —> were, indeed some utterly Worthy new balm for the jaded, the acquisitive, the ethics-free bastions of boundless-Consumption. In lieu of any real Life (or striving towards such.)

I so glad I won’t be around to see “fruition” of the inane-dream-fluff of such Bastards. I can imagine it quite well-enough thankyouverymuch:
just peer closely at the visage of a Mnuchin (or any of his many clones.) What do You see there?

Film School Shorts has ya covered:


In Zelos a mother who strives to "have it all" orders a clone to keep her home life in order and outshine her flawless colleague, but soon realizes she purchased an unbeatable rival. Directed by Thoranna Sigurdardottir.

I think.. it’s usually a Good thing to denote a coming Homo-Sap Clusterfuck, than to walk into it all unawares.
However, seen from within The Daze of Drumpf/the genocide-of-Language and like that: Jeez, I dunno.. y’know?

And, oh yes, here’s a quip from ‘Class’ {{chortle}}

Fussell argued that Xers rightly did not give a damn about class distinction, and this is still true but in a different sense. Just as Uppers believe they culturally superior to the upper middles, who are sure of their ascendancy over the middle-class etc., Xers are convinced they are more enlightened than everybody else.

ie. Village of the Damned; no matter how you re-define ‘self’; the bloody planet heads towards Broil, led by the mouth-breathers wherever in ascendance. Sic Transit, Gloria
     Class Act - (dmcarls) - (2)
         definitely a prole, wednesday is purple shirt day -NT - (boxley)
         Quite a tour de force.. maybe the penultimate indicator of the Murican Futchah? - (Ashton)

"There are two major products that come from Berkeley: LSD and UNIX. We don't believe this to be a coincidence." -- Jeremy S. Anderson
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