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New damn it to fucking hell…
I unwisely confronted a group of feral middle schoolers across the street after I caught a few of their number attempting to make off with a parcel left out front. They took exception to being photographed. One of the young thugs tossed something at me and then got in my face, at which point I shoved him away. A private security goon* drove up and berated me for laying hands on the kid. A moment later I was upended from behind (not noticing at the time that my glasses spun off). I pursued the child, but he was young and fleet, and I am elderly and stout. The glasses were nowhere to be found when I returned to the corner.

Have I mentioned recently how I despise the Oakland criminal lumpenproletariat and their spawn-in-training?


*“I’d fuck you up, but I just got out of jail!”
New time for a cane
something stout with a steel core
"Science is the belief in the ignorance of the experts" – Richard Feynman
New lesson learned
Don’t let the little fuckers get behind you.

My right arm is fucked up, and I’ll be out a C-note or so for new specs.

New This is why...
...when selecting a place next the sea to move to, I chose a leafy out-of-town (by half a mile, we do "out of town" differently over here :)) suburb rather than the bustling maritime metropolis.
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