I forget the envelope calc re a Detroit lead-barge (like re my short-term '70 Buick Riviera, scored for a *pittance at opportune time): just amid the '73 Petro-Robber-cartel's sudden uppance of $$/bbl
and the ƒeare engendered in ... (those same non-physics buyers of our Insolent Chariots [book title du jour]; guzzlers All, then..
Gawd but Murica has always been the King-of-Waste in all things bought to show-off one's disdain for any need to economize or otherwise Think.

IIRC it came to ~500 HP equiv. power/to the energy-sink ...those poor drums, in a near 1-G stop! (one could see the incandescence of the front drums at night; I forget the calc. of much less work by rears.

Opt war-story
* I matched dealer offer for a trade-in for a friend's "conscience placation?" ..on an Audi.
(Colin Fletcher: author, the guru of Walkers everywhere, suddenly realizing that 'ecology' meant that his pristine Riviera was a pretty poor icon re conservation matters.)
'Twas n authentic G.T. with which I once went head-to-tail with a sports car driver who had cut moi off. While it weighed 5000# (!) it had the torque, brakes, handling
to be a sleeper Detroit muscle-car. Rude driver was startled to see this behemoth right on tail through twisties, etc.
Loved. It. I told Colin that, if the gas-lines remained long, I could just park the sucker in driveway; run it on hot days and sit in air-conditioned splendor. :-þ

Paid ~$1200 for this cherry monster; sold it a couple years later for ~2500; subsequent callers were each crushed to have missed it. (I didn't do homework/ no Web then.
This car was already a Legend. (No, not Acura) and had I been smarter it might have cadged a couple grand more. Oh. Well.