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New I haven't paid much attention.
There are so many varieties of transmissions these days that some are bound to have problems. CVTs had teething problems for years, also too.

But I recall that my FWD 1987 LeSabre had a rather notorious transmission problem that my mechanic friend warned me about. It had a 70,000 mile warranty (IIRC). I drove it for about 68,000 miles then took it to the dealer for the warranty replacement. ;-) . Never had any problem with the replacement (and gave it away many years later).

I'm not minimizing the issues you know about, and having it replaced twice and still having issues sucks, just reminding us all that one has to be careful in buying a new car no matter what.

Good luck!

New I had a Pontiac Grand Prix once ...
One day on an on-ramp to the freeway there was a loud clunk and it locked up solid. I had to put it in neutral and push it off to the side. Got lucky there was no one behind me.

One of my neighbors was a mechanic and had the same car. Same year, different trim level, same engine and transmission. I told him what had happened and he asked, "Is it about 70k miles?"


"Yeah, that's about all they last. You need a new tranny. And if you're over 70 it's out of warranty."

Well fabulous.

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