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New My list
Price, TCO (includes MPG and predicted maintenance), cargo capacity, features (primarily phone integration). Must be able to take a hitch so I can mount a bike rack and still open the trunk/hatch.

Going to wait until this summer and look for leftover 2017 Chevy Spark or Ford Fiesta.

New Ulp..
Must presume that you are acquainted with the fact of repeated failures of the 'dual-3 speed~~=6-speed' transmissions, given the notoriety since (at least '2011.)

So won't give a boring list of a particular one: now after second physical-xmission rebuild + earlier flash-ROM or two. Maybe you're counting on a hugely-depressed resale price; could be an OK-deal on a freshly repaired one. (My main concern is the FACT: that this/any xmission assembly has a highly circumscribed outer config, as constrains also: whatEver a frantic mech. engr. might want to Redesign within..) Cannot imagine a giant Corp throwing $Ms at That clusterfuck -vs- just paying off the Aware/already-bitten ... and sucking up the next years' bad-ju-ju with owners.)

ie Heads Up! (if the above is news to you.)
I'll have a report on--what appears to be--an unusually Decent deal already agreed to ... After that actually occurs, natch. Nothing IS fershure.

Other than that: just after such fixes it is a decent handling puddle-jumper, and might be a real bargain (esp. if you got This One, near pristine w/ a mere 12K mi. etc.) but I see no way offhand that that outcome could be sorta added-on. (Also don't see why it Couldn't! == one fewer for FoMoCo to do triage on.)

'Twould make for great synchronicity though, eh?
New I haven't paid much attention.
There are so many varieties of transmissions these days that some are bound to have problems. CVTs had teething problems for years, also too.

But I recall that my FWD 1987 LeSabre had a rather notorious transmission problem that my mechanic friend warned me about. It had a 70,000 mile warranty (IIRC). I drove it for about 68,000 miles then took it to the dealer for the warranty replacement. ;-) . Never had any problem with the replacement (and gave it away many years later).

I'm not minimizing the issues you know about, and having it replaced twice and still having issues sucks, just reminding us all that one has to be careful in buying a new car no matter what.

Good luck!

New I had a Pontiac Grand Prix once ...
One day on an on-ramp to the freeway there was a loud clunk and it locked up solid. I had to put it in neutral and push it off to the side. Got lucky there was no one behind me.

One of my neighbors was a mechanic and had the same car. Same year, different trim level, same engine and transmission. I told him what had happened and he asked, "Is it about 70k miles?"


"Yeah, that's about all they last. You need a new tranny. And if you're over 70 it's out of warranty."

Well fabulous.

New I'll look into that, thanks for the tip
My daughter's boyfriend has a Jeep with a 9-speed automatic that sounds like it's having similar problems to that. I was convinced it's the way he drives, but looked it up and yeah, there's lots of complaints.

New Re: My list
* Comfort (seats, ride, low road noise)
* Economy/environmental impact (next veerhickle will likely be electric/hybrid, this one does >50mpg combined)
* Dog carrying capability
* Can get Radio 4
* Hands-free phone/bluetooth
* Motorway performance (i.e. can I safely overtake things, like I couldn't in the hired Vauxhall Corsa I ended up with a couple of months back. Great little town car, but you absolutely had to stand on the gas to get it to do 50-70 (i.e. overtaking an LGV) and even then it felt like you were out there for ages)
* Price/TCO (the latter is more important, tbh; I don't spend much more than £5K on a car)
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