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New No, that's not their job
Their job is to make "our" stuff more secure while finding ways to exploit "their" stuff. Look at what they're trying to exploit to determine who they view as "us" and "them".

New But "our" stuff _i_s_ "their" stuff nowadays.
Did that Elbrus processor thingy ever take off? Don't think so, haven't heard of it for... A decade or so? (Except the name popped up somewhere the other day, probably in a rhetorical question like this, otherwise I wouldn't even have remembered it to mention here.)

So, assuming every PC in Russia isn't running on an Elbrus or something, they use the same Intel (and some AMD) and variosly-branded ARMs as everyone else. If anyone doesn't, it might be the Chinese, but I'm guessing the situation is pretty much the same there, too. More domestic ARM cloners than in Russia, probably.

So finding or inserting backdoors in "our" stuff is inserting backdoors in "their" stuff.
Christian R. Conrad
Same old username (as above), but now on iki.fi

(Yeah, yeah, it redirects to the same old GMail... But just in case I ever want to change.)
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                             But "our" stuff _i_s_ "their" stuff nowadays. - (CRConrad)
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