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New Addendum re hybrid battery systems
Have done some sleuthing, understand the Prius's (maybe all..?) dance 'twixt the 12V battery (an hugely overpriced item ~$250 in Prius) and the HV battery pack. In stasis (however long) the nest of cells in HV batt are completely disconnected from the world; self-discharge is minuscule--but not zero
(thus as with all of the Li-Ion chemistry, super-long stasis Can do bad things if V drops below (x volts for Li_Ion.)
But that takes many months (and with cars which autostart and recharge both batteries, one probably need not worry about the many-months danger date, whatever exactly that calculates out to be, (via discharge rate -vs- months to reach the MIN allowable voltage-per-cell.).

Details == tmi, but the gist is: if 12V batt is near-dead then nothing works, some settings are lost, like clock etc. IF the 12V battery is too low, then the gadget cannot heal-thyself via running engine: all of which requires that main battery pack is er, viable (so it can also replenish 12V batt. {sheesh} ... its another bug-hunt aka N! sequences.

Clue then: for "too-long" disuse periods, easiest SYA is to have a *good* quality smart charger on the 12V battery, all along.
Like: my Duracell-vi-Xantrex 15 amp charger, like a lunchbox with big handle (and it's light.)
Has a cpu, digital display (checked OK via Real test eq.) and can resuscitate sometimes even badly abused Pb-acid batteries.
No hint! of a Model#, just a phone $ on Manual and www.xantrex.co_/support. Stole mine for $30 but Lists (Listed..?) for 70ish IIRC.
Chump change for maintaining exotica like these cars. This stuff is in my bailiwick and.. this is the sanest, scientifically-smart charger I've seen yet (except in labs.)

tl;dr With some basic Ohms Law and lore on battery chemistries: one Can setup an automated SYA for hybrid battery systems being stored:
is my current take-away, subject to correction (especially re specific Car Mfg. design weirdness.)

Jeez.. this shit used to be Fun, but putting "some complexity" out there to the many sci-illiterates of the dis-US ... sounds a lot like folly to moi.
Battery warranty likely covers the idiocy-caused damages; after that though: ya gots to Thimk-accurately.

Ed: Happened months ago to stumble upon a video re rebuilding a [any hybrid] battery pack/with CAUTION and some basic follow-the-steps exactly ...
(even if you barely know Ohm's Law and what-means "KW-HOURS" stored there.)
I could do this, but likely wouldn't ever need-to. And moi bloody-well Knows what a KWhr "means". It's now in my genes.
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New I will chat with the guys tommorow when I go back in
The only reason I know about the prius and naught else is that there a about 6 of them in the parking lot owned by ex airforce types that like them for milage. Stennis is a long way from anywhere commute wise.
One of my co-workers rebuilt the battery pack in his, wasnt dificult by itself but the stuff you have to remove to get to it is a beatch
"Science is the belief in the ignorance of the experts" – Richard Feynman
New finally got an answer
co-worker in question went on vacation for 3 weeks. Older model prius. H-pack cells got too low to charge via running the vehicle which ran with really bad milage during this time. He had to dismantle, identify the bad cells and replace then spent about a month tweaking until it got back up to snuff. Not necessarily expensive but a complete pain to get to and diag. took him a while to nurse it back.
"Science is the belief in the ignorance of the experts" – Richard Feynman
New Thanks..
Yeah, those would be NiMH cells ... having to mix-in a new cell? or look around for an OK one of similar age.
PITA. If access to battery-pack is also a time waster, even if you have an idea about "balancing" cells and similar. I gather that the "car" also needs time to learn the habits of the new pack; days? weeks?

Looks as if the Kia Niro is priced out of reach (alas) so I can delay getting ept.
New took him the best part of 2 weekends to get to done then then a month of running to balance out
"Science is the belief in the ignorance of the experts" – Richard Feynman
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I learned much knowledge from this post.
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