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New Homo Economicus
http://freakonomics.com gets website, but prog too new to hit archives yet.

Homo Economicus
This week on Freakonomics Radio, producer Greg Rosalsky takes the mic and sets out on a quest: to live his life like homo economicus, the economists idealized version of the human being.

Another reason why Econ/the pseudo-science works so dismally: the model for their conclusions is *Bogus. (as-told-to various minions trying to find advice re making better $$-laws/and incentives (omitting here their own pecuniary motives within a 'search") as-in the dis-US Congress.
(That the Executive of 2017 has no slightest interest in "best"/ merely in, "how can this proposed change profit Me" cha. cha. cha. ... must be stated for completeness, however obvious.)

* That's what the prgm explains, dissects and gives real-life examples of: WHY this allegedy cerebral/intellectual Model for their countless projections: FAILS for utterly omitting the emotional behavior of anyone/Everyone. [Think Spock, qed] Love. It.

Check out the 'tests' presented and the tacit idiocy of its STD Models... when they get around to archiving the program of Title above.

But Freakonomics dissects the B.S. So there's Good News tonight:
Shirley by year's end: all Econ mantras shall be corrected. because Homo Sapiens And the Wrongest practitioners who have wasted $$Ts repeatedly: shall have to buy everyone A Pony. And the WH shall soon declare their complete bogosity and order the Congress to schedule a new election.
New Uhh... "Gets website?" Got it a while ago already:
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