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New :-) It was worth hearing your take on it regardless.
Welcome to Rivendell, Mr. Anderson.
New OK, then here's some more:
OT1H, that whole "No side effects!" thing sounds like it often could be great. But OTOH, perhaps only when you explicitly want just a single value as a result, calculated from whatever inputs.

So what about all the other times, like in real-world application programs, where you actually want all kinds of shit to happen? Like saving stuff to disk, committing a database transaction, opening or closing one or more on-screen windows, etc. Or especially, several of those at once. "Those aren't 'side effects', they're what this is supposed to do!", kind of thing.

Summa summarum: It all feels a little too theoretical.
Christian R. Conrad
Same old username (as above), but now on iki.fi

(Yeah, yeah, it redirects to the same old GMail... But just in case I ever want to change.)
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