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New There's an underserved niche in the tutorial market
I understand basic programming concepts, don't need that. Just need a quick-and-dirty on this new IDE. Something between "... for Dummies" and an exhaustive (and exhausting) Man page.

I'm about two days into iOS development and I think I can whip up a Hello World with basic DB access. The syntax is new-ish, the conventions are a bit different, but the overwhelming sense I get is that this isn't all that different from what I was doing 15 years ago when it was my main gig.

I imagine I'll get quicker with the IDE, debugging is probably better than what I used to do. (print FTW!) Feh, I'm sure people who use this stuff in anger on a daily basis could show me massive productivity gains. I'm just disappointed that after all this time there's still so much boilerplate.

And get off my lawn.

New Definitely.
I've also encountered this problem numerous times over the years. Android development needs it, too.

Also needs a "how to think in this language" type of tutorial. That was the main thing I wish I had when I first learnt Java. It's what I'm going to be after when I shift to Node.js in a month or so.

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