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New This. It's not your fault that they made a mistake in your favor.
Don't feel bad for them - it probably costs them more to take the stuff back than for you to keep it.

We got a cabinet from Crate and Barrel. It arrived damaged. We called them up and asked about their policy of making us happy. They offered some money back. We asked about returning it and getting another one shipped. They offered much more money back. We accepted their offer. (If they took it back, they would have had to offer more off to sell it, plus the cost of keeping it around.)

It's worth much more to Big River for you to be happy.

New That approximately mirrors my thinking
Plus, the returned merchandise would probably be unsaleable in its blemished condition.

I made my final weekend run to the BrainDead Building today, and carted out everything that needed motor transport to convey home. What little remains can be hand-toted across the Bay incrementally over the course of the next five work days. I left the office looking as though it had been tossed by particularly vindictive secret police, but that can be corrected by Friday next. I’m about to shut down the home iMac (treacherous, unreliable machine, unlike its angelic twin carried home from work today) and swap in “Big Cheese,” the new/old 12-core jobbie. Wish me luck.

New Luck!!
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                 This. It's not your fault that they made a mistake in your favor. - (Another Scott) - (2)
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