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New Allow a suitable amount of time to pass
for them to recognise their mistake, then you should consider them yours.

This line of thinking is why I've got a pristine extra pair of wellies.

(Amazon vendor failed to ship, I complained, two pairs turned up, and I could not be bothered to expend any more effort of any kind on a purchase totalling £15)
New I had the same thing happen with a pair of bicycle rims a few years back.
Mailed the supplier to ask, they said "Oops" and sent a pair of new ones... Then both pairs arrived. Not sure in which order, but anyway the first-sent ones had apparently got stuck somewhere in Finnish Posti and/or Customs. Phoned the supplier to ask if they wanted one pair back, was told not to bother.

So, sorry Rand... That little anecdote yields no useful advice either way; doing what I did might or might not have the same result I got. All told, probably what others have said: Don't nail them up anywhere for a while yet, in case they get in touch and want them back within the next month or whatever period you find appropriate. After that, they're yours.
Christian R. Conrad
Same old username (as above), but now on iki.fi

(Yeah, yeah, it redirects to the same old GMail... But just in case I ever want to change.)
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             Allow a suitable amount of time to pass - (pwhysall) - (1)
                 I had the same thing happen with a pair of bicycle rims a few years back. - (CRConrad)
             I believe that falls under the unsolicited rule, wait for a bit to see if they ask for them back -NT - (boxley) - (3)
                 This. It's not your fault that they made a mistake in your favor. - (Another Scott) - (2)
                     That approximately mirrors my thinking - (rcareaga) - (1)
                         Luck!! -NT - (Another Scott)
             Nothing unethical about it - (crazy)
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             I've become a big fan of velcro cable ties. - (Another Scott)

We don't think of it as a rebellion. We call it "heavily armed stress leave."
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