Maybe Columbus? ..thus delaying the inrush of genocidal entrepreneurs (Insufferables then; Terminally-Insufferables now)
Gives a bit more time for the Locals to prepare for Visigoth-likes from $$$-obsessed WASP-lands everywhere.
..but this option like most: really can't cancel-out the Ass-holes as voracious as Black-holes. Alas :-/

The Search for surcease (?) just seems chimerical, dunnit?
The Variety of diseased-minds as can be created via fools-in-fuckery, who next neglect child-rearing thus raise ferals.. MEANS
there is an ever-replenishing supply of predators, improving their performance hand-in-hand with such techno-improvements as..

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tl;dr, then: Sic transit* Gloria mundi

* umm "transit" so easily morphs into trans...istor, that now infinitesimal-sized Root of all the commercial un-Thought-through Bad Ideas
actively wearing away most remaining Hopes for ever [? !] a civil-society? IF..populated by such. as. We.