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New Wow! ... other stuff too
J. S. Bach woulda been fascinated with the banjo-picking; could very well have written a fugue to match the virtuosity (..and Would have, I wot.)

Now the 9 yo kid and "triple-tonguing" solo comes Home:
Ahead of moi, too: at ~ 10ish, my first duet with Bandmaster--yet another Polka/triple-tonguing exercise, only slightly advanced--was a little tune quite similar!
Promising 9-yo Indeed. And a near-pocket-cornet on which to amaze the adults.

THEN!!! ... *Arturo Sandoval does the Anthem, with closing phrase an octave higher! meaning that the last note (with impromptu ad-lib) ... was a flawless CaboveHigh-C

* THAT is in the young Maynard Ferguson territory (when he played with Stan Kenton's band) ... Saw him do the piece written for him by Shorty Rogers called, {Duh} Maynard Ferguson LIVE.
(His version of All the Things You Are/in-strtosphere vis slurs ... so outraged Mrs. Jerome Kern that: the dick was recalled via her insistence. (But not before my friends who ran a record shp in Pacific beach, snagged me a copy.

He Lived up There!

Boffo. Indeed.

Neat-o, thanks. Even if nostalgia ain't what it used to be..
New Huh? Bach? Kid? Sandoval? What did I miss?

New ... Sandoval? What did I miss?
Started from a link in the small selection to right of the Feature, thence to Several including


Clips of Everyone, from Sergei Nakarikov ... ∑ brass greats playing the Difficult Arban [Master How-To] etudes and fantasy pieces; Marsalis to many known only to Classical folk.

And (por moi) stuff I never knowed had been collected on 'bing?' all the way back to ... James F. Burke;
He who was Soloist with the *Goldman Band in Central Park in their weekly conccerts. At Age 9 and 13 I regularly attended, with Aunt at one; also talked to Mr.B afterwards (usual tyke encouragements etc.)
Distinctive flair: Burke had only one arm/No. none of us Asked.
So he had to hold AND finger-valves ... accordingly. Very quickly, at times. Was a neat guy; didn't Patronize moi.
(I ran off to Fischer Music in Manhattan for a copy of one of his solos; played it, in time: it forced me to Learn stuff.

* Edwin Franko Goldman ... famous way-back for his orchestral-grade 'Band', never more apparent than (olden days for him) ..all I heard from that band-shell in NYC.
BTW he wrote "Cheerio", the theme heard on Bridge over the River Kwai, amongst other opera which folk in those days had running around their heads.
Things were much more r e l a x e d in those days before ƒeare of Instant-techno-annihilation had messed with the brain pans of those folks who

Grew-down to become Drumpf-enfeebled and head us All on towards --> Finality. See? Everything DOES depend on Everything Else ;^>

Bon appetít
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