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New vegan arseholes in Berkeley
I think I’ve mentioned here times past that I am gradually becoming sympathetic to vegetarianism as an ethical stance, but these ninnies in the adjacent burg have just knocked my progress toward pious enlightenment backward several steps (it’s a WaPo story, so you might wish to engage cookieless browsing if you follow the link so as not to eat into your monthly quota of free page views on what is, really, a fairly trivial story. I’m paying for access because they’ve upped their game this year).

New Now I want a steak

New Had a disappointing steak last night
Fancy restaurant we’ve gone to before at long intervals, killer view, but NY strip ordered “on the rare side of medium rare” was delivered decidedly “medium,” and perhaps even a tad on the well-done side of medium—way too pricey for that kind of carelessness. Maybe the kitchen was having an off night, but I don’t think we’ll be going back. Shudda had the soy patty like those Berkeley vegans wanted me to…

New Steak is something I tend to avoid when eating out...
...because more often than not, I can do better at home.

I try to eat things that I can't or won't cook for myself. That said, Jo and I went out for our wedding anniversary meal on Saturday to a local eaterie, and I had a burger.

And it was gooooooood. Stuffing burgers with blue cheese is the future.
New And bacon, yeeesssss

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