What’s the Big Deal About Choline?
In Dr. Zeisel’s first experiment with humans, he fed men and women a diet deficient in choline. Most men and postmenopausal women became ill when deprived of choline.

Their bodies weren’t able to produce their own choline and they began to experience liver problems: fatty liver accumulation and liver cell death. These problems reversed within a few days of reintroducing choline to their diet.
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Clearly, it’s important to get enough choline in your body. Foods that are high in fat and cholesterol are also generally high in choline. That means eggs and meat, particularly beef (418mg of choline per 100g) and chicken liver (290mg/100g), are the best dietary sources of choline.

Don’t despair vegans, as wheat germ (152mg/100g) is also a good source of choline. You can also take a choline supplement, like CDP Choline.