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Welcome to IWETHEY!

New Three Cheers! for [/] The Judean Liberat..[/] er, Admin.
I mean:

I mean.. just can't recall the last-time ... zIWE was er, DOWN (even "hours") for this n'that techno-indigestion.
It just RUNNETH.

Only my boffo Mail-ISP, "vom-" can compare
(and even there: last glitch was about Apple having played random menu-games with YAN 'build' of the OS-X-of-the-week..)

Everything Else bit-related: just periodically fluctuates ~like the course of disease within a Drumpf brain-pan?

Just Sayin.. like that parking lot put-up in Paradise
Ya don't know whatcha Got till it's Gone.

Thanx O Admin non-pareil :-)
New Amen!

"There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there has always been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that "my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge."

-- Isaac Asimov
New Thirded!

It's mourning in America again.
New Fourth-erd!
New Thanks. Not doing much on this end.
But of course, that's part of the art... ;-)
Welcome to Rivendell, Mr. Anderson.
New Oops--needs own spot, ^above^
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The concept of a power-up hadn't been invented yet.
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