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New Chainsaws and butter
I think the last century’s wars might have all taken some benefit from being fought with chainsaws on both sides. The Battle of the Somme would have been awesome! I’d also favor swapping in anvils in place of incendiaries and high explosives for the purposes of aerial bombardment, and am confident further that von Braun could have developed a long-range catapult capable of lobbing huge boulders across the Channel (“You never hear the one that gets you”).

My thanks for an entertaining counterfactual. We Americans are a simple, generous, impulsive, heavily-armed people.

New ..replacing the Phosgene with Ecstasy would have saved many..
from Jesus/for Jesus, too; equal opportunity obloquy here.

(Damn.. time to check the battery in the pocket radiation monitor. So much to do, these days.)
     well, at least a gun wasn't used - (lincoln) - (4)
         Doesn't say either one of them was killed, does it? - (CRConrad) - (3)
             Nope, cowards all: action-at-a-distance/sometimes also stealth. - (Ashton)
             Chainsaws and butter - (rcareaga) - (1)
                 ..replacing the Phosgene with Ecstasy would have saved many.. - (Ashton)

Thanks for noticing.
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