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New Look up Rossmann repair.
He's got a channel on Youtube where he gives tutorials on how to do board-level repairs to macbooks etc.

TBH if it got very wet the NVRAM probably got shorted, and it's fucked.

But can't hurt to ask/try. Except in the wallet, where you will probably feel a sharp, stabbing pain. Anything under $200 is a bargain or a cowboy.
New wise words all, Thanks.
New Think she's screwed..
Unvarnished-truth seems to be that, virtually always (there are enough conducting paths that) NO DATA survives.
When I asked, in conclusion, "OK I get the message, it seems you are saying that on occasions past when you've tried for data: no success on any; is that the situation? "Yep, that's about it." :-/

Thanks for the addy, though; likely they Can R&R just about any of the sub-boards in these infernal devices; they just can't un-do One-shot-destruction, (the weenies..) She had pix of beloved dog, now nearing final-Taps, etc.

Does everyone have this problem? of communication with the 'lectronic-unwashed:

I avoid using the phrase "You Should!" yet believe I once explained to her ["Back-up" ]that *EVERY* one of these gadgets with vast seas of teensy transistors Will Fail
... some. day. only Q is When? (and for geeks: How?) {{sigh}}
Now I have to tell her.
New Right now, my teenage daughter
Her phone has 0k free space. Doesn't want to delete anything even if it's backed up online because "I want to have it with me." Hasn't been able to save new pictures for over a year.


New Physician heal.. ... er paddle her?
Yeah remember.. when we Knew everything (important?)
New Finally got her to back up her photos to her Google account
She's going on a trip next week and needs to take pictures.

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             Think she's screwed.. - (Ashton) - (3)
                 Right now, my teenage daughter - (drook) - (2)
                     Physician heal.. ... er paddle her? - (Ashton) - (1)
                         Finally got her to back up her photos to her Google account - (drook)
         Network operator backup? - (scoenye) - (2)
             Molto Grazie, may be her only hope - (Ashton)
             I would assume that's the only way. - (Another Scott)

I see mass suicides and riots in the future as every urkel fashion sense inspired computer nerd throws down their oxy pads and mutters, "enough is enough," then takes to the streets, scsi cards in hand, and it will be dark, dark day indeed my friend.
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