My Tech Association needed to change it's CRM system, and the choice seems to have fallen on Odoo. Anybody have any knowledge -- experience, anecdotes, or just plain rumour -- about this? "Great!", "You're screwed!", something in-between?

Yeah, if I had kept up with changes there when I first heard the rumours about an impending change, and if I'd got back on here a little earlier, then the question could have been more open-ended... and more useful.
But here we are, the decision seems to have been made, and they're mainly asking for volunteers to check out the local supplier's (reseller's) adaptations specifically for them.

Not that I exactly "know" Python, which this thingamajig is written in, but I thought perhaps I can catch if something is total crap or not. At least with a little help I can. Anyone know what to watch out for with this thing?

(And if there is any real actual crap, then maybe the question becomes more open-ended again.)

Edit: WTF, I thought I as in the "Software" forum? Oh well.