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New We can hope he goes with Donnie.
Despite reportedly informing the transition's chief lawyer Donald McGahn, now White House counsel, of the investigation's existence, Flynn still walked into the West Wing on January 20 as the President's top adviser on national security issues.

The question of what Pence knew and when first arose months earlier after reports surfaced that Flynn discussed sanctions with Russia's ambassador to Washington despite Pence's public claim to the contrary. It's also one that was posed after Pence stood before news cameras and claimed that Trump had fired FBI director James Comey because of a memo written by the deputy attorney general -- only for Trump to later reveal he planned to fire Comey regardless.

A senior administration official rebuffed CNN's question about whether or not Pence knew of the investigation into Flynn during the transition with a simple, "No."
But Pence should have known. Days after the election, Pence took over from New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie as chairman of the transition.

In that role, Pence oversaw the transition's work to build out the future Trump administration and quickly booted several of the Christie-aligned transition officials who had been working to fill out a potential administration before Trump was elected.

He was firmly in charge, yet it's not the first time Pence has claimed to have been unaware of crucial information that surfaced during the transition period.

Pence claimed in a March interview with Fox News that it was the "first I'd heard of" Flynn earning hundreds of thousands of dollars to lobby for a Turkish businessman, which ultimately prompted Flynn to register as a foreign agent.

But Flynn's pro-Turkey lobbying work had been in the news for months before that March interview.

Pence had also received a letter in November from the top Democrat on the House Oversight Committee Rep. Elijah Cummings describing Flynn's foreign work.


I forget. Is being a pathological liar a necessary condition for being a Republican or a necessary and sufficient condition for being a Republican?

It's mourning in America again.
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New Flynn, hardly "the very model of a modern Major General"
..continue to next patter-song ..

Pence? his grade of sanctimonious hypocrisy (perhaps equalled by the sancto-Santorum reptile?) surely does appeal to the Lo-information (not-just-voters) and so it's Civil War the Second,
while: even the Fiirst one limps-along in yet another indefatigable caste of the gruntled. STILL.

As to how *This Day* ... surely a contender for the antithesis of that famous Day which shall live in infamy? might go next: ya gots me.
Those famous Brownian Movements [/physics] whereby 'statistically': all the atoms in a room might congregate in one corner ... suffocating the guy with the Worst Luck Evah
... well, why Not?

ie A cone has two stable positions: the obvious one, straight up with '0 degrees of freedom' (to move)
On its side it can roll in an arc, on a plane.
The dis-USA is that cone, balanced on its tip
(I wot.)


Ed: PS
Way-back (in these parts) I submitted an ASCII drawing of that cone, with a fly just about to land..
(and I hear some Loud Buzzzzings from Save-Face-space.)
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New boggle! you have never read "catch 22"? indeed a model general
"Science is the belief in the ignorance of the experts" – Richard Feynman
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             boggle! you have never read "catch 22"? indeed a model general -NT - (boxley)

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