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New As it is on W10. I find the W7 start menu horrifically limiting.
In practical terms, you can pin about a dozen or so apps to the Windows 7 start menu. It's pretty basic. You can't even do a web search or basic sums in the search box.

But you can run W7 if you like. I like having more performance on the same hardware.

(My work laptop has 7 on it, lest you think I'm some kind of mixed-version masochist at home)

Every piece of annoyance in W10 is 100% mitigated by the menu you get when you right-click the start button.

What's that? Sorry. Can't hear you over the sound of me starting an admin PowerShell prompt in 2 clicks.

On a more serious note, older versions of Windows will slide into irrelevance as high-DPI displays become mainstream. I dunno if you've used one, but this here XPS has a 3200x1800 display at 13"; this means I run Windows at 250% scaling. Text basically looks like print; images are deliciously crisp. And, ironically, at these resolutions and scales, the whole MacOS vs Windows font smoothing question basically goes out of the window.

Windows early than 8 is a bit of a shitshow at these high resolutions; you can dial things up to about 150%, but that's not nearly enough, and many apps end up looking like complete disasters - Windows 10 is much better at dealing with legacy and ill-behaving apps that don't obey the scaling rules.
New Resolution? I'll give you Dell screen resolution!
Got a new MacBook Pro at work a while ago. No DisplayPort (or wossname?), only USB-C, so new "dock" multi-connector dongle... With only HDMI video connector. So my couple-years-old Dell U2713HM now displays glorious 1920x1080. :-(

Dragging cmd.exe above the line on the W7 start menu also gives me access to the glorious old "C:\>" command prompt in two clicks, BTW. (And the new "PowerShell" one too, if I wanted; just never got into that language... yet?)
Christian R. Conrad
Same old username (as above), but now on iki.fi

(Yeah, yeah, it redirects to the same old GMail... But just in case I ever want to change.)
New On PowerShell
For Windows scripting, it's the future. It's got proper syntax (I know bash, and I also know actual not-congealed-over-decades languages, and bash is fucking horrific), gives you full access to the .net object model, etc. yadda.

It's a bit wordy, and you deffo want to use the PowerShell ISE environment at least at first.

Example (with a stupid syntax highlighting scheme that makes symbols a delightful salmon-pink-on-white colour):

New That's bizarre
I just hooked up my work Dell E7470 to my own QNix 2710 monitor (1440p) via HDMI, and I got 1440p.
New Huh.
Never played with the scaling before in Windows. On my Surface Pro 3, it recommends 150% but since I raised the default size on my phone a few weeks ago (ageing eyes...), I might give 175% a try for a little while.

Thank you for the idea.

New Re: Huh.
It's remarkable. Here's a couple of worked examples. You don't realise the diff until you see them together.

You at 100%:

You at 250%:

And here you are, scaled to the same size:

Expand Edited by pwhysall May 20, 2017, 06:07:05 AM EDT
New I can already see the difference.
The less "wasted whitespace" on Facebook was immediately noticeable.

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