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New Our cat Ricki loves Haydn.
She will always leave the room when my youngest practices piano, baby grands being particularly loud instruments. However, when he plays Haydn she's usually on the piano bench next to him watching and listening.
Welcome to Rivendell, Mr. Anderson.
New Thanks for
feeding my er, confirmation bias; methinks that many of our n- domesticated beasts savour the flavour of {whatever Be the nature of Music} better than many within our tribes of humans, somehow avoiding becoming inured to its transcendence, despite the jillions of Decibel-hours that perfuse Our varied daily noise-sources.

(But I could be wrong; I Was, once.)

re Haydn: friend in (then, London) had the complete Haydn symphonies (but he do string quartets and lots more, we know) and I was abandoned one long day as she attended to chores: passages withinin those symphonies are Indeed pure magick, others have been so Over-played on earlier 'classic music/commercial' stations such that ... you know.) Me grateful for his genius. :-)
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I just KNEW the Good Humor Man was behind this...
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