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New I've read about it, but not done anything about it yet.
Supposedly Google was going to automagically enable VPN for public WiFi connections but I haven't heard anything about it recently. It looks like it needs/needed a Nexus/Pixel device but since Assistant is coming to more machines, that may not be an issue now. Note the caveats:

Google VPN Vs Third Party Commercial VPN Services

What Google VPN does not do, which a regular commercial VPN service does is:

* Hide your internet activity from your ISP and mobile provider at all times. This includes when using your mobile connection and home Wi-Fi.
* Geo-spoof your location so you can watch services such as US Netflix and BBC iPlayer wherever you live in the world.
* P2P torrent download in safety.

A third party commercial VPN will also protect you when using a public Wi-Fi hotspot. And it can be used with almost every mobile device and laptop available (not just Google ones).

This review of HotspotShield makes it sound wonderful. But it's a year old and I don't know how much has changed, if anything. I haven't tried it myself.

EFF has a "how to choose a VPN that's right for you" page.

Let us know if you decide to make the jump.

New Will do. And thanks for the links.
I had stumbled upon this: https://vpntips.com/how-to-setup-a-vpn-server/
and I haven't read through it yet, but if I decide to do this, I'm thinking now that setting up my own is probably the better course. It looks pretty straight-forward.

If I do it and it works well, I'll come back here and post my set of set-up steps for anyone interested.

It's mourning in America again.
New Thanks de moi, also..
While I'm not sure I have anything much demanding protection--just yet--clearly I need to savor your links and keep this in mind: we just can't know ...

for how long the Drumpf Mafia shall be expanding their Imperial lusts, (as someone reads to our anti-literate CIEIO a history of, say Italy-before Il Duce? (for new things to FUBAR.)
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             Will do. And thanks for the links. - (mmoffitt)
             Thanks de moi, also.. - (Ashton)

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