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New Printing via direct connect
My sister-in-law just gave my father-in-law a laptop with Windows 10, and I'm stuck setting it up.

He's got an HP Envy 4500, which supports wireless - where the printer joins the wireless network - and direct connect.

Unless I'm missing something, when I connect via Direct Connect it takes the laptop off the network. Is that how it's supposed to work?

New No, the two are separate.

See the "Computer or device can connect to both printer and Internet simultaneously" line.

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New Still reading, but ...
"The HP wireless direct connection is for printer use only. When you change the connection from your local network to your printer's HP wireless direct connection, you must reconnect to your local network after printing to access the Internet."

Thanks for the link. Looks like what I'll need.

New Wireless direct != wi-fi direct
I've got the one that you can't use while on the network. That's what I needed to know.

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