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New The OA: Don't bother
A kind way to describe The OA's first (and presumably) only season is as an "ambitious failure." Only the show itself is not kind, despite its pretensions. The OA is an inept, bumbling parable, played somehow with a completely straight face. A passion project which somehow lacks any hint of passion. Brevity and clarity are clearly not its strong suits, so allow me: It sucks.

What he said.

To alleviate the danger that you see that and your morbid curiosity gets the best of you, let me save you eight hours of your life and blow the ending for you: "The OA" stands for "Original Angel". Yes, it's about angels. What jackass called this "science fiction"?

New We're 2/3 through and are enjoying it.
Of course, we also like Sens8, so draw your own conclusions. :-)

Despite my typically logical demeanor I have a pretty well developed ability to suspend disbelief if I'm just there to be entertained. Example: Prometheus. Ridiculous film, really bad plot points, but I enjoyed it quite a bit nonetheless.
Welcome to Rivendell, Mr. Anderson.
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New Haven't seen Sens8 or Prometheus

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Holy freakin' cow with a lemonade stand.
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