A bunch Weltschmerz-suffering popinjays just like .. a group I know of..

Here's one sub-set of the nice.. distinctions to be found there after (first? second?) reload of replies]:

Modemocrat • 16 hours ago
Silicon Valley people, while not engaged in figuring out how to avoid paying taxes, spend their time writing code (and imagining/developing tech) that eliminates humans from work.
Self-driving cars, drones, robots, algorithms - all designed to eliminate the need for pesky, demanding and "unreliable" flesh&blood workers.


Because business dreams of not having to deal with people who complain, want breaks and protest if they have to go 12 hours without overtime.
It's an easy sell if you are looking for [Ed:** ]investors.

[Ed:**] [Yeah.. Investors / Entre-fuckiing-preneurs / BANKERS: all at the bottom of the Marianas Trench; now THERE's yer bloody Self-driving Nirvana, I wot.] [/Ed**]

Tlazolteotl, Special Interest Modemocrat • 16 hours ago
Why? Because they are misanthropic, antisocial assholes at heart?

stoat Modemocrat • 16 hours ago
Every job is a lost profit opportunity. "Job creators" the fuck indeed.

tacitus voltaire Modemocrat • 16 hours ago
you have to seperate the people who order the code to be written from us code slingers

Greystoke Modemocrat • 16 hours ago
Silicon Valley engineers are by and large social misanthropes who dream of sipping Diet Dr. Pepper undisturbed while they code some interesting little program or app. They don't want to interact with people unless it's via a device with a screen, and so they're trying to build cars that will help them realize their utopia.

All caveats aside, I find it's helpful to consider all new tech "initiatives" using the lens of a stereotypical software developer, and consider why it might be appealing to remove any and all vestiges of human interaction.

Tlazolteotl, Special Interest Greystoke • 15 hours ago
Because that one slut said no to us that one time and therefore all women are evil and we're better than they are anyway and they should go make us a sammich.
Love. It. {Emphasis added just for fuck's sake}