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New Double-printed?
Do the blank certificates in InDesign, then use Word to do the mail-merge. Print enough certificates and them run them through the printer twice. :-P

I'm sure you've thought of that...

New Re: Double-printed?
I suggested that. They seem to think that Word can merge into a fieldless PDF. I'm skeptical. No doubt they'll fill me in on the details of their failure next week.

New Nuh uh
Running paper through a laser printer twice is a no-no.

The fusing process dries out the paper and means the rollers can't grip it as effectively, and Mr Jam comes to town.
New Really?
Huh. Never heard that one before.

Wonder how that affects double-sided printers.

New Was told that by the engineer who services our copy-press printers
Great big things they are, quite unlike a desktop printer.

They also have one-pass duplex.

YMMV, I guess.
New AFAIK, all the consumer/SOHO laser printers are dual-pass.
We've got a couple of Lexmark lasers at home (MS315 and CS410) which default to double-side printing (via putting the paper through twice). They work fine.

I've got an old huge Lexmark T522 in my office that has a bad problem with jambs when the humidity is low (just about any time from October - March). It doesn't do duplex...

Maybe they have better rubber on the rollers now, or something.

As you say, YMMV. :-)

New Fair enough.
YMMV indeed. :-)

Personally, I've not seen or used single-pass duplex printers. (Even the largest floor-standing devices I've ever seen duplex in two passes.) But I live and learn.

New That's part of the deterrent, no?
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                                 AFAIK, all the consumer/SOHO laser printers are dual-pass. - (Another Scott)
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