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New Huh?
One off or going to keep happening. You say both.

The key issue is unless you are paying by compute cycles, assuming there is nonpeak times, scheduled stats collection is a no cost win. And if there is never a slow time, then run it anyway but with reduced priority.
New What I mean is we'll keep having one-off events
We've never done this event for this client at this venue before.

I find it hard to believe the things that matter to query performance would change so radically from event to event. Volume should be the major factor, so if we handle $x TPS we should be good for anything < $x. That doesn't seem to be true.

New Absolutely not
TPS is total volume. Which nothing to do with data skew. New or changing field contents can dramatically change which indexes to use or how to use them, or to use them at all, which modifies query plan.
New This.
The larger the data load, the bigger the potential change in index distribution.
Welcome to Rivendell, Mr. Anderson.
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         I've not worked with a DB that needed that to happen. - (static)

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