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Welcome to IWETHEY!

New Longevity.
I used to run Linux on all of my home machines. About 10 years ago I bought an original Mini and MacPro, then started on the laptops for everyone.

The Mini (with the Motorola CPU) lost the game through compatibility a while ago, but the MacPro is still running up in the den. My son's MacBook is 8 years old and still perfectly serviceable for homework and gaming (mainly Minecraft); we've upgraded the RAM and replaced the battery.

I just realized that my own laptop is 3 years old and showing no signs of age, and since I maxed the RAM it's probably got quite a few years left in it.
Welcome to Rivendell, Mr. Anderson.
New Yup
Jo still uses the iPod Nano I bought her for Xmas 2004. The white polycarbonate one with the shiny back. 4GB!
New My wife uses the Sansa Clip, released in 2007
Low-end even when it was new.

New Work MBP.
It's a mid-2012 model, so it's 4 years old. Apart from a little burn-in on the LCD, it's fine.

However, it only has 8Gb of memory and the new dev environment we're building requires several docker images and 8Gb isn't enough. Meanwhile, almost all of my colleagues had gone through upgrades already usually due to hardware problems.

New Apple reliability is weird
If you get a good 'un, Apple boxes last forever.

But once one starts failing, it never stops.

I was very grateful for the AppleCare on both my iMacs (both needed display, optical drive and discrete GPU replacements) - but my Mac Mini never missed a beat, and neither did my old G4 Digital Audio.

All my iPhones and iPods (2 x 6S+ (current - me and the missus), 1x 3G, original iPod touch, 20GB iPod Colour, 4GB iPod Nano) have been unfailingly reliable. Well, the 20GB was until I dropped it, which buggered the disc. Still, sold it on eBay for £100 - as spares!
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