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New You do not want to become the admin
As mmoffit mentions further down, it works fine for the end users. But getting it to that point can take some serious beating depending on the rest of your environment.

The Modern UI essentially consists of a near useless roll of toilet paper covering up the old settings interfaces. Roll, because you'll find you may have to scroll down a mile or two to find the tiny link to the things you really want. And even then, it is not pretty. e.g the rot in printer management which commenced with Windows 7 has now progressed to the point that configuring anything beyond a single queue qualifies as a Herculean task.*

Given MS's appalling lack of QC/QA these days, you may find trips back to the Genius Bar in your future. Both major updates since RTM have had serious issues. 15/11 broke if it got a whiff of an SD card, Anniversary Update crashes if you have an extra SSD. They even managed to bork PowerShell with one of the last regular updates (ironically days after launching PS for Linux...)

* We use Xerox WorkCentre copiers with accounting enabled, plus separate queues for color and monochrome. On Win 10, the network shared queues become unstable within weeks. Once the spooler starts crashing, there is no way out but to drive the printer direct. And then you'll find that Win 10 is pretty insistent that an IP address can not possibly be assigned to more than one queue :-/

I'd go with Scott's suggestion and try the VM route first, whether Win 7 or 10. It is likely to be more stable and less disruptive if something does break (assuming you keep a backup of the VM.)
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New Yes, "user friendly" almost always means "techncian unfriendly".
New At the OS level, it has to be
In general the more you CAN configure, the more you MUST configure. For an app that nothing else build on top of, that's fine. For the OS, all the apps expect it to work a certain way.

I'm annoyed by apps that (for instance) move the window min/max/close button cluster. When the OS does that, how many apps break? And that's a trivial UI piece.

New But not like this
I isn't that they took options away, they actually added crap new ones at the upper level and then shoved the ones you need where the sun doesn't shine. And broke a bunch of those in the process.

(And don't get me going on why the Pro version's most eye catching attributes in the start menu are Minecraft, Candy Crush and the XBox app; the latter of which cannot even be uninstalled.)
New Yes, that is how it is.
New Printer management is a never ending disaster in Windows.
We don't have any auditing stuff, but we do have lots of shared copiers, color printers, etc. On moving from 7 to 10 I lost the ability to customize jobs to a couple of the machines at least (the dialog box never appears to set N-up, double-side, etc.). It's probably "just" a matter of downloading the proper 0.5 GB driver package, but I always dread messing with that stuff.

"Let's see, it's an IP printer but I don't want to use the IP printer queue setup because that never works, I want to use 'Local Printer' and choose an obscure option because that's the way that MS's temp summer student set it up 25 years ago..."


At home I got IP printer server boxes for our old (dumb) printers because sharing them under previous versions of Windows was such a nightmare. Later printers we've bought have all had IP servers.

Yeah, administrating this stuff has gotten more difficult. That is something worth considering, though it can be easier in a Mac environment - Bonjour and the like seems to work pretty well in finding Windows printers.

New Win 10 comes with Bonjour, it's just not good at finding Windows printers :-/
New Should have known. :-/
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             Slowing down updates. - (static)
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                         Yes, that is how it is. -NT - (Andrew Grygus)
             Printer management is a never ending disaster in Windows. - (Another Scott) - (2)
                 Win 10 comes with Bonjour, it's just not good at finding Windows printers :-/ -NT - (scoenye) - (1)
                     Should have known. :-/ -NT - (Another Scott)

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