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New Glad it worked out well for you.
The meats used are pretty flexible, so that sausage should have worked fine. Around here, it would be unthinkable for a meat department not to have Polish sausage.

Today I snagged a big loop of excellent Krakouskaya Kalbasa (a lot of sausage makers around here use the names in Russian) at $3.79 / pound. I may get one or two more before they raise the price back to $6.99 / pound. They also have the Russian Sardelka (like Knackwurst) at $2.99 / pound again, so I bought a couple pounds to use for breakfasts. That one is imported - from Illinois.

A real funny: remember back around 2001 when everything was going to be sold so cheaply on the Web that "brick and mortars" would all be out of business? Today I bought a 14 ounce package of Farmer's Cheese from Lithuania for $4.49. You can buy the exact same 14 oz package on Amazon for only $19.99 (but shipping is free!).
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I can get http://www.fioruccifoods.com/products/ a good cheese and olive selection but would have to drive into New Orleans (80 miles) to get real polish sausages. They do sell Erikson and BarS kielbasa but looking at the ingredient list made me leery.
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