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New ..along with another conundrum-set
Whereas wisdom, within its many colorful definitions, is ~ about the distilling of very-Much (information?) into unadulterated pithiness, we're now collecting/or contemplating a (Cantorian small-infinity of) sorta-information (of an unpredictable data-set size or even 'scope') ...

All in hopes that, parceled out to legions of vastly-trained info-mungers-in-parallel, who just might do some syntheses (of the scale that no one analyst could even skim, in a dozen lifetimes of 10-hour daily doses.)
Does not the project sound already like a sort which Dante had outlined (for its very-own multi-level H.Q.: Hell 2.0 beta?)

My brain hurts already. I don't think our species can Do this one. (Even with a googol of Inspirational Posters to get each minion up/into the saddle ... for those consecutive munging-days ... forever.)

The Over-quantized life becomes yet another random liff, an inverse of the Tardis? its exterior--The Conceptâ„¢--very large in appearance, whilst the interior is claustrophobic.

My two peta-cents. ;^>
New Not to worry
Fifty years from now, most of the creative intellectual output from 1980-2020 will be lost to history as magnetic media deteriorate and file formats are discarded.

     anyone familiar with www.liferay.com? - (boxley) - (13)
         No info yet, but we're deploying it now. - (mmoffitt) - (12)
             no, I have 2 days to get serious in depth knowledge of it - (boxley) - (11)
                 Wow. I thought firedrills like that only happened here. ;-) Good luck! -NT - (Another Scott)
                 Sorry I couldn't help. -NT - (mmoffitt)
                 Holy Smokes. - (mmoffitt) - (8)
                     Progress!!1 :-/ Good luck. -NT - (Another Scott)
                     enjoy :-) -NT - (boxley)
                     Interesting design decision. - (static) - (5)
                         It's not a bad assumption -NT - (pwhysall) - (1)
                             True. -NT - (static)
                         Reminds me of the "bandwidth of a station wagon" ... - (Another Scott) - (2)
                             ..along with another conundrum-set - (Ashton) - (1)
                                 Not to worry - (drook)

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