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New Holy Smokes.
So, our liferay server has a page (or portlet, or whatever) that does "document management." We have these report pdf files we distribute. When liferay creates the "page preview" files (one file for each page encountered in the pdf file) the storage consumption goes through the roof. 533M of pdf files results in 62G of "preview" files. These are only the POC files. Production will be far, far greater. Going to need a huge augmentation to my storage network.
New Progress!!1 :-/ Good luck.
New enjoy :-)
Any opinions expressed by me are mine alone, posted from my home computer, on my own time as a free American and do not reflect the opinions of any person or company that I have had professional relations with in the past 59 years. meep
New Interesting design decision.
Obviously built around the assumption that lots of online storage is way way way cheaper than processing power.

New It's not a bad assumption
New True.
New Reminds me of the "bandwidth of a station wagon" ...

Also, how fast are tape libraries these days?


A view inside the 6500 slot robotic tape library operated operated by iVEC. The StorageTek SL850 library is currently being updated with higher capacity tape drives which will allow for storage of up to 32.5 PB of uncompressed data.

Neat stuff.

New ..along with another conundrum-set
Whereas wisdom, within its many colorful definitions, is ~ about the distilling of very-Much (information?) into unadulterated pithiness, we're now collecting/or contemplating a (Cantorian small-infinity of) sorta-information (of an unpredictable data-set size or even 'scope') ...

All in hopes that, parceled out to legions of vastly-trained info-mungers-in-parallel, who just might do some syntheses (of the scale that no one analyst could even skim, in a dozen lifetimes of 10-hour daily doses.)
Does not the project sound already like a sort which Dante had outlined (for its very-own multi-level H.Q.: Hell 2.0 beta?)

My brain hurts already. I don't think our species can Do this one. (Even with a googol of Inspirational Posters to get each minion up/into the saddle ... for those consecutive munging-days ... forever.)

The Over-quantized life becomes yet another random liff, an inverse of the Tardis? its exterior--The Conceptâ„¢--very large in appearance, whilst the interior is claustrophobic.

My two peta-cents. ;^>
New Not to worry
Fifty years from now, most of the creative intellectual output from 1980-2020 will be lost to history as magnetic media deteriorate and file formats are discarded.

     anyone familiar with www.liferay.com? - (boxley) - (13)
         No info yet, but we're deploying it now. - (mmoffitt) - (12)
             no, I have 2 days to get serious in depth knowledge of it - (boxley) - (11)
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                     Progress!!1 :-/ Good luck. -NT - (Another Scott)
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                             True. -NT - (static)
                         Reminds me of the "bandwidth of a station wagon" ... - (Another Scott) - (2)
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                                 Not to worry - (drook)

I'm sorry, I came here for an argument!
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