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New de nada
I really do look forward to your posts, even when we are at hammer and tongs. I don't think we've ever persuaded one another in debate, but I generally learn a thing or two from our exchanges. Incidentally, should you ever make it out to the Bay Area (sympathetic to neither Scalia nor the South, although in general easygoing on the whole subject of dialectical materialism), you may call upon a comfortable guest garrett, in a precinct of Oakland well-served by public transit, for the duration of your stay.

New Thank you. I hope to be in the Bay area some time soon.
I've been trying for some time to get into contact with a woman I've regrettably only spoken to once in more years than I'd like to think about. She was the younger of the two sisters orphaned in the accident I've recounted here. She's somewhere in the Bay area, but I'm unsure exactly where.

New zabasearch is your friend
Of course, maiden/married names can introduce complications.

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