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New Really? That's weird and unfortunate.
I haven't tried it myself.

I just recently got a refurbished 13" MBP to upgrade J's old 13" black MacBook. Along the way I saw notice about creating a USB-bootable installer for Yosemite, but my feeble attempts at getting it working weren't sufficient. It turns out I didn't need it (of course, I don't remember the details), but I thought that PCs wouldn't have any issues like that these days.

They really are continuing down the road toward making these things unfixable, aren't they? :-/

New Sadly so
I mostly deal with HP and Dell. Dells tend to not recognize the device is bootable (i.e. it shows in the boot menu, but when selected, the PC boots off the HDD anyway). The HPs will kick off the boot process but then fail to launch the kernel proper. Some will boot off a USB CD/DVD drive so it appears to be an issue properly recognizing USB mass storage devices.
New FWIW, I installed ubuntu on this 16 month old Samsung laptop
using a usb stick. Worked fine.

Maybe stay away from US manufacturers?
New You may be on to something there ;-)
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