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New Re: 8 GB USB Flash Drives?
So I get it on the flash drives from the DVDs? Does apt-cdrom work with flash drives? I don't know.

My clients like to have that nice stack of 10 DVDs in hand as a safety measure in any case. DVDs that represent exactly what was used for the install. Again, these are industrial servers, not home computers, and ability to fix problems fast is essential.

Most of my installs need stuff from 3 to 4 disks of the 10 DVD set.
New Dunno. Chicken and egg thing I guess.
I was thinking more along the lines of: Once you get everything setup for a particular set of hardware, "clone" (or whatever) the setup to a bootable USB drive. That way issues with the optical drives shouldn't bite you again.

But you have to get it installed first, so ... Yeah, I guess it won't help you much, except maybe as a restore. And if you have to get the DVD working for the install, then it's not really saving you much work (other than the time swapping disks, and maybe faster reads).

You're customers realize they're in a world of hurt when you retire, right? ;-) Have you thought about putting all your magic documentation on a server that's backed up by Archive.org when you decide to run off to Fiji?

New Yes, I've thought of that.
Each of my clients gets a copy of my 50 page install and configuration manual for the Linux version I've installed.

I have those manuals all the way back to Caldera Linux 2.3 from year 2000 (only 20 pages back then) - and yes, I still maintain a computer running Caldera Linux 2.3, though it will go into semi-retirement in October.

I have considered putting these manuals, and my OS/2 manual, on-line, but I'd have to translate them to html. I probably will, eventually.
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