Sometimes ya gets Lucky, when fortunate to draw (an ept guy in Minnesota, named Andrew, yet!) who had quite more Authority chops than I thought you'd find, short of a Suit.
What I got was: the sort of informed-adversary you'd hope to draw.. know that that's fantasy.. and then: he's not even adverse!

In sum, got rebate on a couple month of [Surprise: New! higher!!-price w/ no explanation] and a nextyear's break at 'trial' rates; Andrew flipped my specs instantly (didn't know the fone-Answerers could drill-down menus that far; did you?) and split the extra-Tenner these mofos charge just to get now-fucking-Standard HD. Shocked!! I tell you; he agreed that, however the messy details and fact that CCast get their non-HD feed direct from the er 'Originators': it *is* unacceptable when the text, important on some prgms. I watch, is either unreadable or truncated. Not to mention small.

Bonus! the set-box (Seduction-grade originally delivered) remains still; the Dee-luxe w/HD model. I never much used the feature so as not to get hooked (but time-swaps are obviously the way all meeja should accommodate, as we always realized.) This could integrate well w/ some of the above options, no? (Dunno if you can snatch a Netflix offering/DRM and such.)

Ed: nope. [My DVR] button now throws a message, Disabled etc. So without a key logger in corporate, hors de combat. That alters a few options :-/ Oh well.

In brief, a fellow geek; gots Apple at home, mentioned Onyx re. periodic dust-removal etc. [sneered w/me when I casually inquired if he was using Doze at work heh] and we had a fine half-hour chat, to point that clearly suggested he would change lots of stuff there (sub-rosa of course.) I called up Input on my nearby small Vizio, cursored to 'HDMI' et VIOLA! viewable eye-candy ..almost Too-much: {oblig, Thaves' Frank and Ernest at the optometrist's} Don't make 'em too good, Doc; there's not much I want to see that clearly..

So then, if you remember you catch more bears with honey than with vinegar, you can get the come-on rates almost consecutively. I figure that, after that bitchin FCC slap on further-monopolizing, in a year there just may be? some rate-lowering for us barely-TV-interested plebs.

Meanwhile after I digest the above options, maybe will bail much sooner; the little boxes, Netflix ... it's time to see TDTESS! one more time, in luscious B&W.