All of our TV's (1 46 inch, 1 50 inch LED and an old 27 inch tube tv) have roku boxes on them. We have prime and Netflix. We occasionally watch the other free-bees on roku, but cannot seem to force ourselves to watch anything with a commercial anymore. Of course, 99.5% of my viewing is hockeystreams on roku.

Cut our bill literally in half and we're much more pleased with the content. The one thing I do miss is the weather channel. With cable, you got local weather. WeatherUndergound and Weathernation are both free via roku, but don't give wind forecasts. If I were flying as much as I used to, I'd probably miss that a lot. But, there's always the Tubes when I need them. It's just that I have to lift my lazy arse out of bed and log into the computer whereas before (with cable) I could be in a semi-conscious state when I woke up and see what the wind was going to be like.