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New With respect to streaming solutions...
Of the big 4 (Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, and Amazon TV), I believe the Roku is the best all around.

It's cheap, unlike the Apple TV. It gets All Of The Things like NetFlix, Hulu, HBO, PBS, and Amazon Prime, and since it can stream from a computer you can also play iTunes on it. The device comes with its own remote so you don't need to control it with a phone or whatnot. From a content perspective I believe it's the only one that will do everything, mostly native.

We happily turned off our cable TV a few years ago and don't miss it at all. We've got a plethora of streaming devices (Apple, Amazon TV Stick, PS3, Wii), and I've seen enough of the comparisons to recommend the Roku.
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New Cool, going to look into that

New We did the same thing three years ago.
All of our TV's (1 46 inch, 1 50 inch LED and an old 27 inch tube tv) have roku boxes on them. We have prime and Netflix. We occasionally watch the other free-bees on roku, but cannot seem to force ourselves to watch anything with a commercial anymore. Of course, 99.5% of my viewing is hockeystreams on roku.

Cut our bill literally in half and we're much more pleased with the content. The one thing I do miss is the weather channel. With cable, you got local weather. WeatherUndergound and Weathernation are both free via roku, but don't give wind forecasts. If I were flying as much as I used to, I'd probably miss that a lot. But, there's always the Tubes when I need them. It's just that I have to lift my lazy arse out of bed and log into the computer whereas before (with cable) I could be in a semi-conscious state when I woke up and see what the wind was going to be like.
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             We did the same thing three years ago. - (mmoffitt)
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