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New Re: The original "Star Trek"
You should chase down the BBC series "Blake's 7".

Obvious low budget aside, it had magnificent storytelling delivered by proper actors. The grim vision of the future it portrayed had a depth and resonance that I've yet to experience elsewhere.
New Noted.. seen, agreed.
Had forgotten that gem. Yes, the dialogue, acting all convincing. I squirreled about some years after seeing parts and watched (I think the whole series) again.
Guess it resonates for depicting one more time, how it is that the Bad drives out the Good with great regularity, perhaps children should receive an Ego-extraction at birth?

There'd be fewer new toys, yes, but also fewer axe-murders or their financial equivalents.
Terry P. [RIP] ... explained that they lock up politicians, on election. " Saves time." Same idea.

. but we'll always have Rose. {sob}
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