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New The original "Star Trek"
I've been looking in on this via "Amazon Prime." Yes, it's almost comically primitive by modern standards, but when it premiered in 1966 I had just been slotted into a household (there were many domestic rearrangements between 1964 and 1968) that featured a color television, which was still something of a luxury at that time, and to which I had not been formerly exposed on a regular basis. I was fourteen. And you know, measured against all the previous small screen sci-fi and most of the large screen—2001 was then just two years away—it was pretty fucking good. I find myself respecting the series as a cultural artifact the way that, by the late eighties, I came to appreciate the early Beatles.

New "Wagon Train to the Stars". It was a great series.
TV Tropes - (You're welcome, drook! ;-)

Let that be your last battlefield was amazing for the time (and even now).

YouTube has it (50:46).

New I had to sneak down the street to watch it.
We were one of the fortunate families to have a color TV, but since I was the only fledgling trekkie in the house, I was never able to watch it at home. Instead, I knew a neighbor five houses down that had a color TV and that he always left his front door open. It was possible to see his TV through his screen door. I used to sneak out of the house and up on his porch and watch the show through his screen door.

New Re: The original "Star Trek"
Yes, me too.. (We needn't re-excoriate Shattner for not being more like Jean Luc P. either.) I enjoyed the Morality-plays which Roddenberry incorporated and much else. Compared with the crap laugh-track blight du jour, ST was damn near Shakespearean ... later on, I thought Data (not ever Dah-ta) was superb, both in acting and in the great lines. And I was way-over 14.

Ditto early Beatles, who helped moi play my way through a first emancipation from adopting the camouflage of Middle-class home/my castle obsessions. (Yes, people did sing on leaving a screening of Yellow Submarine ... maybe still?)

Still and all.. TDTESS The Day the Earth Stood Still, B/W and '51: made the most of sci-fi-noir (and with its own Morality-play, as applicable today as would be the shipping of the Shogunate off to Geneva for trial.)

Peace.. the Final Chimera
New Of all the postwar sci-fi epics
I think that Kubrick's 2001 stands not merely head-and shoulders above all the rest, but above the toes of all the other contestants. Honestly. I think it's the only cultural production of the last century that is fit to stand beside the lliad or Gilgamesh as a creation myth. You and I, Ashton, have been privileged to have been alive and more-or-less sentient while it was promulgated.

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New I can live with that elevation of 2001
Its cinematography alone was stunning, orders/magnitude above all previous, most of those handicapped by skinflint budgets dictated by bizness droids hardly even acquainted with the genre. Plot left us in metaphysical-Land as well; superb that the 'meaning' was not spelled-out and orchestrated in minor keys. Went with congenial group; may have whispered re Monolith, ~ "not your Tabernacle choir", is it? But my 'time' began earlier; TDTESS (Earth-Stood-Still) precedes in importance, as well as via the circumstances/company at the first release: and its similar angles on the perfidy of the species, useful to hear at 15.

We privileged.. indeed. I feel--each day--the rise of the zombies to the levers of power, of nascent yet-more refined corruption, language murder and the likely successful further cowing of the 320M into voting-in/just as in Weimar, their own further hastening to become the 80% ? groveling-Class.

(My cup runneth over, too) I claim no prescience though a +twinge occurred when first I realized I should be quite content with career-ing with ex-academe cohorts, nor contemplate 'bizness' for sustenance! [I had heard that that word descends from something-like 'besigian': said to connote, active, worry, fatigue.] Pretty sheltered, eh? (YPB) those facing governance by throwbacks and grifters as have never held such pop-sway (except in S. Lewis's '35 fiction.) for the foreseeable. More rot will be needed before anything resembling core-Change can even begin. How much more? Beats moi.

Had we yout of yesterday entered-into sentience amidst the Shogunate, witnessed the devolutions along so many aspects as culminated in the overt-rapine of the Financial-criminal-Class, the destruction of parents' reliable savings (and my plumber's: just a couple day old tale) assuredly we would have been as disgusted as are the current crop, at least those already thinking and on a path to adulthood.

(I doubt that anyone can 'accept'/digest the current probabilities of our looming, mindless abandonment of any serious attempts to undo the costs of planetary rapine.) Affluenza doth make Cowards of (too fucking-many.) Equanimity demands that I simply tune-out mofos (after all, they aren't even Real.) Maybe there are sufficient Mensch material amidst the dulled many? Shan't worry pretty little head, am not into masochism.

Will join in some rejoicing of those opportunities snatched willy-nilly, when such an era as 2015 could not be imagined possible. Yes, we escaped even the nuke races, (though not giga-Curies of radionuclides, disposed of like used Kleenex. Those ... Last.) We may not gloat though, we were each 'accidents', right?

New Dupe
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New Re: The original "Star Trek"
You should chase down the BBC series "Blake's 7".

Obvious low budget aside, it had magnificent storytelling delivered by proper actors. The grim vision of the future it portrayed had a depth and resonance that I've yet to experience elsewhere.
New Noted.. seen, agreed.
Had forgotten that gem. Yes, the dialogue, acting all convincing. I squirreled about some years after seeing parts and watched (I think the whole series) again.
Guess it resonates for depicting one more time, how it is that the Bad drives out the Good with great regularity, perhaps children should receive an Ego-extraction at birth?

There'd be fewer new toys, yes, but also fewer axe-murders or their financial equivalents.
Terry P. [RIP] ... explained that they lock up politicians, on election. " Saves time." Same idea.

. but we'll always have Rose. {sob}
New Amok Time: TV Guide Synopsis
Spock goes into a mating frenzy and nearly kills Kirk.
New Mixed bag
Great episodes:
Balance of Terror
Space Seed
The Devil in the Dark (okay, maybe not great but a personal favorite)
Space Seed
City of the Edge of Forever
Mirror, Mirror
A Piece of the Action (see Devil in the Dark)
The Changeling

Terrible episodes:
And the Children Shall Lead
The Spectre of the Gun
The Squire of Gothos
The Apple
Plato's Stepchildren
New "Balance Of Terror" really is great
We watched that with my 11yo son as his (re)introduction to Star Trek.

I say reintroduction because we tried to watch the salt monster episode with him a few years ago and it frightened him so badly he would neither finish that episode nor watch a different one. "But dad... YOU or MOM could be a salt monster! How would I know??"
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