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New how do you use slider control on an Android tablet?
If a website shows a slider widget how can I actually use it rather than move the screen around or change the screen zoom level?
New Seems to work here.
I've got a Nexus 4 phone running 5.0.1.

I went to http://m.youtube.com and started a video. If I then tap on it I get the progress slider at the bottom and I can move the slider around.

Is that what you mean?

The functionality (sliding progress vs resizing/moving the window) is presumably a function of how the web site is coded. (But that's just a guess.)

Hope this helps a little. Good luck.

New different kind of slider
Go to Slashdot
Click on any article
The default comment level will have most of the comments invisible.
Use the slider to show more comments.
I can't.
New Are you using the mobile version?
When I searched for Slashdot it sent me to http://m.slashdot.org

I'm not logged in (I've forgotten my login there). I click on a story. I see 500+ comments. It defaults to showing All. Lots and lots of scrolling, but I don't see any slider.

If I try to go to http://slashdot.org it sends me to the mobile site.

Dunno why we're seeing things differently.

HTH a little.

New I don't think you can
Click'n'drag is really spotty in android, if it works at all.

Give up, is my advice.

On Slashdot, I mean. There's better nerd news at Ars Technica/Engadget/The Verge/Anandtech/GigaOm/etc
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