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New Wynton Marsalis plays for Mr. Rogers
The twenty-something Wynton, on Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. He grew up watching, and Mr. R. was a big fan.

The USA would have become a somewhat less violent place in my time IMO, had kids the chance (film?) to experience such a rarity--a gentle man--on a regular schedule. That repetition seems important.. whatever the virtues, vices of parents then as now, it seems that few parents could muster the simple, plain speech-without-condescension that was Fred Rogers' only-ever mien. He would have helped the nascent bullies to deal with their own causal situations, while the ordinary kids would have received angles and answers to questions they could not yet compose/didn't know they had inside. Boys might even have learned how to talk to and with girls, with far less of the ignorant, oft vicious stereotyping still rampant. Maybe..

A Permanent National Treasure and genuine Mensch; I trust that re-runs shall remain always, never needed so much as during the present programmed decivilization via the evil minions of Mammon, now fully targeting their prey: everyone.

At least 'we' were sentient enough to award the Presidential Medal of Freedom ..but maybe a Victory Medal too? I'd like to think that he Saved-us/U.S. from many more sociopaths being-created than could ever be tallied: 'merely' (!) by demonstrating perfectly, how to treat a child, a nascent-Adult ... with unvarying Respect (while demonstrating the Platinum Standard of sincerity.) What's that-all worth?

I simply cannot imagine Fred Rogers ever SHOUTING at a child ... save for, raising-voice to say Duck!

I saw only a few of his shows, but I miss his presence in the zeitgeist as much as Kurt's, George C's and those few other luminaries. (Maybe his effects will continue posthumously: anyone mocking his mannerisms/style? shall have revealed to the observer what the word shallow means.)
New I didn't watch him much as a kid.
I think I was a little too old by the time he got to be popular on PBS.

I think Paul Reubens got some inspiration from Rogers for Pee-Wee's Playhouse.

I would like to think that there's something similar out there these days, but Fred was the pioneer.

New Never noticed the piano on the show before
That guy is a monster. The youngest is the right age, time to find out when he's on.

OT: I hate video players that disable the controls and hide time elapsed/remaining.

     Wynton Marsalis plays for Mr. Rogers - (Ashton) - (2)
         I didn't watch him much as a kid. - (Another Scott)
         Never noticed the piano on the show before - (drook)

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